The Mitsubishi Positioning Institute (MRI) and the Osaka-based railroad company are spending local currency for central use as a tourist destination in Japan’s popular Mia district.

MRI tests established by MTSubishi Group companies in 1970 said on Wednesday that it would use a blockchain called Kintsu Shimakaz Moneta and would only be available from November 11 through January 31 of the following year.

This is the fourth division created by the two companies as they work to perfect the technology and develop relevant processes, procedures and services.

The experiment is a very limited test and will take place in the Jesse-Shim area, a peninsula known for its beaches, seafood, pearls and national gardens. Only 15 factories in the region will receive coins, including Spain’s Shima Village, Miyako Resort Shima Baside Balcony, Kashikoyima Espana Cruz and the Makunda Art Museum.

While the sign will only be temporary for pilots, Kinchu hopes he will eventually issue a permanent cryptocurrency to cross his train lines, according to the Nike News.

In order to use cryptocurrency, users must download the Japanese Kintetsu Shimakaze Coin program.


They can pay a lump of 1,000 yen, pay a 10 percent premium for a total of 100,000 yen. Coins can be distributed among participants. At the end of the trial period, the currency will resign and cannot be used.

The Kintetsu Group, a local MRI affiliate, is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and stores transportation assets in the target area of ​​the program including lines. MRI is responsible for the release and management of toxins.

For the past two years Keynes and MRI have been collaborating on local currencies. The first Kintetsu Harukas Coin social experiment was conducted in September and October 2017 to test the use of the payment system with blockchain technology.

The second Kintetsu Harukas Coin social experiment was conducted in October and December 2018 in Osaka to test QR code technology and personal transfers. Mitsubishi UFJ, Banking Group and Omron Company participated. In February 2019, two local currency companies tried around Osaka Omachi Station.

Guide to Lusaka Zambia Hotels!

Lusaka is one of the newly developed tourist destinations in Africa. Tourism has grown very rapidly in this region over time and is a preferred destination for both business and leisure travelers alike. Due to increasing tourism, there is always a growing need for accommodation to meet the needs of travelers to enter the city by taking cheap flights to Lusaka. These facilities are plentiful and are available with many local and international hotel chains.

Lusaka Hotel: Ideally located in the central business district of Lusaka on the Cairo Road. Here you will have easy access to shops and businesses and a restful night's sleep. The facilities it will offer participants in cheap flights to Lusaka with cheap flights to Lusaka include; 80 spacious comfortable rooms, good meeting, with lounge, bar, indoor and outdoor restaurant, as well as friendly and friendly staff. It has an international chain of restaurants in more than 200 world destinations. The thing that drives Lusaka the people he likes the most is his reasonable accommodation fees.

Taj Pamodzi Lusaka: This is the perfect place for meetings and receptions as it has three restaurants, two bars and a grill, as well as a conference room for 500 guests. This is not the only feature you will have here after taking your flights to Lusaka Zambia, but you will also have the facilities of a private balcony overlooking the pool or countryside, personal safe, tea / coffee maker, mini bar, drink in bottle of water, color satellite television, high speed internet connection and international direct dialing. All these facilities are provided to meet the requirements of business travelers as well as leisure travelers. Additional features at this hotel include; Babysitting / Child Services, Beauty Salon / Hair Salon, Car Rental, Currency Exchange
Call doctor, express laundry / dry cleaning, florist and washing machine.

Lusaka Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts: They are located in the heart of the Lusaka shopping district. It offers a great variety of traditional local dishes and Spanish, Greek, Moroccan and Lebanese in addition to simple accommodation.

Comprehensive travel guide for Douala Cameron Africa!

Douala is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. It is the capital of Cameron and the commercial capital of the country where Cameron is known as "Africa in miniature" because of its geological and cultural diversity. It has the largest port in the country. People come here for tourism as well as for commerce. Douala handles most of the country's exports. Flights to Douala are frequent. There are places for sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.

Sights in Douala: Douala is located along the Wuri River near the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, this coastline provides a perfect place for tourists to visit. Here you can enjoy photography, water sports, a boat or just sightseeing. This view adds to the beauty of the city. Still, it's not the only thing you can enjoy there, but a small community museum with traditional artifacts, a maritime museum and a Manga bell pagoda will welcome you once you're in town. To see this attractive landmark, you need to book flights to Douala from the UK if you want to fly from Europe with a reliable travel company such as Flights to Douala. The Mile Six area has nice beaches with black sand to attract visitors.

Douala Shopping: Douala is home to the country's colorful market; Eco market. It is also the largest market in the country. It is the most popular market in the country, incorporating a wide variety of goods. After your flights to Douala, a visit to the Eko market is a must. Douala is a major exporter of aluminum products, beer, soft drinks, textiles and wood processing and cocoa beans. Most of the country's major exports, such as butter, cocoa and coffee, as well as the Chad trade, take place here.

Douala Nightlife: Douala Nightlife has something like; Jazz, blues, African, R and B, dance, drink, eat and whatever you need to spend a good night. People are kind, kind and friendly to visitors who enter the city by making flights to Douala Cameron. Aqua Central is the center of nightlife in Douala. It has bars, pubs and nightclubs to celebrate your night. Akwa music is just out of class. Another place to enjoy Douala nightlife will also be to attend after taking cheap flights to Douala, including; Broadway, Senate, Club, Mega Slots and St. John Pierre.

Douala International Airport: Flights to Douala are served by Douala International Airport. Friendly services, new cars, long and short term parking, ATMs, low prices, duty free shops are easy to access. A number of airlines and travel companies work there. For example, cheap flights to Douala from the United Kingdom can be booked with Travel Company

Getting to Venice for an amazing Venice vacation

There are, they say, a hundred times to get to Rome. Well, there are just as many ways to get to Venice for a memorable Venice vacation. You can really travel to Venice in any mode that suits you. You can drive alone, take a bus or train, fly down or even come here by boat. The choice is yours. Let me give you more details that may be relevant.

Car Rental – This is probably the least attractive considering the fact that you cannot drive in Venice and that you will have to pay a considerable amount to park your bikes during your Venice vacation. If you want to drive, using a rental car is better. Parking, as I mentioned, is expensive in Venice. But it is much cheaper if you park your car in Mestre and take a train to Venice. Locals leave every five to ten minutes and parking costs you a fraction of what Venice would be.

If you decide to get to Venice, Italy by train, be sure to continue to the last stop – Santa Lucia. The great thing about Santa Lucia is that it is located right on the Grand Canal and right in front of the train station you will be able to pick up the vapor or the water bus. Be careful not to go down to Mestre.

If you are flying to Venice for a Venice vacation, you will land at the Marco Polo Airport, where all scheduled carriers will land. The airport is about 13 kilometers from Venice and is connected by buses, shuttles and private taxis – naturally, prices are rising in the same order. Parco polo is well connected and has flights from just about anywhere you can name it. You can search online or speak with your travel agent to find cheap flights to Venice, Italy.

As I said earlier, you can also come to Venice by cruise ship for your Venice vacation. They arrive at the port of Venice. You will receive a free shuttle ship from the cruise ship to Piazza San Marco.

A unique aspect of Venice is its car-free nature. It may take you a while to get used to walking everywhere without worrying about switching. If you spend some time in the city, remember that the rest of the world is not so safe!

A romantic way to travel to Venice is to use the cabin lift, but this can be expensive, usually costing 75 euros or more per hour. Be sure you know what you will be charged for and don't hesitate to bargain. There are also sharing gondolas where you pay much less, but they are more for travel than romance!

Fortunately, Venice is also a city you can see on foot. If you have time to spend and really want to get in town during your Venice vacation, this is the option we recommend.

How To Start Your Travel Diary |

Writing a travel diary can be a fun experience. You will record everything from your travels around the world and create unique monuments. In a few years, the diary will be a source of nostalgia for you. So if you've been planning to start a travel diary for a long time, here are some tips to help you get started.

Choose a medium for your journal entries

Most people love the idea of ​​writing their travel stories in a leather notebook. However, if you want the world to read about your adventures, you can even start a blog and start typing your entries. This can be something of a small paragraph for the places you visit or your experiences. And if you have the time, you can even write full blogs with How-to to help other people plan their trips.

Start traveling as soon as possible

In order to keep a travel log, you first need to start traveling. Get a destination and go there. If you have a busy life, set aside a certain period of the year for your travels. If you have no money, you can save and plan a trip on a budget. For example, you can easily book cheap flights well in advance so you can save money and time.

Gain experience

That's why most people want to be travelers, not tourists. This is because tourists are touring the place, viewing important monuments or historic sites. On the other hand, travelers explore the local culture and lifestyle of the people who live there. So, as you travel, be sure to see not only the important places, but also get an idea of ​​the life and culture of the local people. This will immediately add a lot of value to your travel diary.

Eat a variety of delicious dishes

One of the best things about traveling is that you will be able to taste different local dishes that may not be available in your hometown. Try local eateries and small venues that make and sell authentic dishes. Before you begin your journey, you can even do a little research on your destination to know about the best restaurants out there.

Keeping a travel log is one of the most beautiful ways to document your life. Years later, when you look again at your journal or blog, you will be struck by an instant burst of nostalgia. And then you will be grateful that you started your travels. Bon Voyage!

Travel to Andalusia – Top Ten Places to Visit

Andalusia is probably one of the most archetypal or stereotypical of all the semi-autonomous regions that make up Spain.

After it is described that bull fighters meet beaches, flamenco, white villages meet cave houses and all mix in a whole host of nasty festivals!

From religious processions to tapas and sherries, all forms of culture and life can be found in Andalusia.

Andalusia consists of eight provinces that extend in southern Spain from the deserts of Almeria to the Portuguese border to the west. Divided approximately in the middle of Spain's longest river, Guadalquivir, Andalusia, it is connected to the rest of Spain by a passage called "Desfiladero de Despenaperros". Contrary to popular belief, the highest mountains and peaks of the Spanish continent are in Sierra Nevada, Andalusia.

Andalusia more than likely the rest of Spain has its fair share of invaders, though history and the majority have left their mark on one form or another. The Romans built cities in this southernmost province of Spain, which they called "Baetica", among which Cordoba, the provincial capital and Seville are perhaps the most famous.

After the Romans, the Moors lingered in Andalusia for a long time, setting examples of some of their finest architecture in Cordoba's Moeses, and of course the incredible and elegant Alhambra Palace in Granada. Perhaps the busiest beaches in Spain are in Andalucia in the Costa del Sol and one of the biggest and most controversial strangers in Gibraltar is in the western tip of Andalusia.

At the top of the list of places to visit in Andalusia should be the Mauritanian Alhambra Palace in Granada. 1300 years of heritage and elegance set in stone! Next up should be Seville Cathedral and La Giralda. Where Christianity meets the Moors, where triumphalism and heroism meet mysticism, everything is here. Next on the list should be the Palace of Real Alcazar in Seville.

Our next whistle tour in Andalusia is to be the capital of the province of Cordoba and La Mezquita. Once the most important city in Europe, this fact is emphasized by the architectural splendor of La Mezquita, the Grand Mosque. Along the coast, we find the historic port of Cadiz, which is said to be the oldest port in Europe, and Cadiz still manages to retain some of its aura of mystery.

If we then look at some of the more regionally oriented attractions there is Ronda, one of the largest of the so-called Nar. White Andalusian villages scattered throughout the region. The Ronda is built on a huge tablet of rock, effectively divided into two by the Tajo defile. Ronda is said to be the birthplace of the modern approach and style of bullfighting. The coastal region is better known as the Costa del Sol and here you will see everything from some of the most exclusive resorts in Spain, where many millions of pounds of yachts can be found in abundance and a short way up the coats you will find some of the more the fun overcrowded and lively of Spain's more family-oriented resorts. For the more inquisitive cultural among us, in Andalusia you find Baeza and Ubeda and some of the finest Renaissance architectures found in historic settings everywhere.

To the west of the province are the vast wetlands and the Guadalquivir Delta, which is home to one of the most important wetland reserves in the world for wildlife, especially Parque Nacional del Cote Donana.

Finally, as mentioned earlier in Andalusia, one has to find the highest mountain range in Spain, the Sierra Nevada. The second highest mountain range in Europe after the Alps, Sierra Nevada has the distinction of providing the continents with the southernmost ski resorts!

Oddly enough, unless you were able to get to the drift, there is a huge amount to do and places to look in Andalusia and worth a visit!

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Vacations in Las Vegas are just some of the most enjoyable getaways. When you can get cheap flights to this destination, you will really be able to explore the city. There are many great activities and attractions here.

It doesn't matter if you are traveling to Las Vegas as a couple or as a family. This city has such a wealth of suggestions, no one lacks an interesting choice. The romantic situation in Las Vegas is one of the reasons many couples decide to marry here. In fact, many hotels in the city accommodate this desire by booking special wedding areas.

There are many great hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. Many offer luxury accommodation for their guests. Visitors are happy to find that with different choices here, any budget can be adjusted. Whether you choose luxury or affordable accommodation, this city is dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable vacation for vacationers.

Cheap flights to this location can benefit anyone traveling here. Vacations in Las Vegas will include an experience of fun and adventure. Most people who visit this city will spend some time in casinos. The city itself is usually associated with casinos.

It is the entertainment capital of the world and offers the highest quality gaming experiences in the world. Since most hotels here have casinos on site, you don't usually need to travel far for this opportunity.

Many tourists come to Las Vegas to do more than visit casinos. They want not only to see the picturesque beauty of the area, but also to explore it in person. Finding cheap flights to Las Vegas will allow you to spend more time and money really gaining an idea of ​​this magnificent condition.

Adventure activities like Bootleg Canyon Flightlines is a popular stop for thrill seekers. At this point you will be able to zip a line hung with a cable. At this altitude you will be able to enjoy the bird's view of the desert valley as you travel at speeds of up to 50 mph.

There are many wonderful tours to choose from in the area. Many offer trips that give you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of Nevada. The Desert Adventure ATV tour is one of them. Visitors can choose from ATV tours that interest them. A great choice are ATV tours of Raiders of the Lost Mine.

You can also choose horseback riding in certain parts of this location. Many tourists choose to participate in horseback riding through the activities of Eldorado Canyon. There are morning and afternoon walks.

Grand Canyon air tours are available to interested travelers. You can do it either by plane or by helicopter. Choosing an airplane offers activities such as the Air Deluxe Tour. This tour includes a flight to the Grand Canyon. Once there, you will be treated to a bus tour of the location.

Choosing a helicopter is the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. This aerial tour shows landmarks such as Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the larger Grand Canyon. Activities like these provide resting memories that will last a lifetime.

Trips to Las Vegas always represent the best the city has to offer. From exquisite casinos to lavish dining choices, this is a great place to escape. It will provide everything you want for an excellent vacation.

Think through some of the World Heritage Sites in Sweden

The modernized European country of Sweden is a land of rich natural resources and treasured prehistoric treasure. Today, Sweden is famous for the coexistence of old heritage and new treasures. The Swedish people have preserved their cultural heritage and historic buildings magnificently. A trip to Sweden with cheap flights to Sweden cannot be complete without a tour of the World Heritage Sites in the country. Sweden is home to about 12 World Heritage Sites.

The Royal Domain of Drottningholm is located on an island near Lake Malar on the premises of Stockholm. The Imperial residence includes a castle, a theater, a Chinese pergola and gardens. Enthusiastic tourists who fly to Sweden often visit the place.

The Gulf of Bothnia is a northern extension of the Baltic Sea, located on the west coast of the country. The high coast is shaped by the escaping of a glacier and the rise of land from the sea. The last run occurred here more than 9,600 years ago.

Thanum Rock Threads depict various sketches, including humans, animals, weapons, and various characteristics of human life. However, some of them are illegible. Various researchers and archaeologists are taking cheap flights to Sweden to do further research into these artistic threads. Rock carvings have been discovered since the Bronze Age.

In addition, tourists taking flights to Sweden on a study tour of World Heritage Sites must also visit the Church Church of Gammelstad, Lulea. Gamelstad is the best preserved example of a church village. Church villages are such an incredible type of village that has ever been found throughout the region.

The archaeological site of Birka shows the architectural remains of the 9th and 10th centuries. Several brave and risky adventurers book cheap flights to Sweden from around the world to the province of Holland to ensure the unbeatable thrill. In fact, the island and the Baltic Sea are distinguished by a huge limestone plateau. The area is bypassed with evidence of human settlement 5,000 years ago.

The Karlskrona Naval Port is a striking model for a planned 17th-century European city. The Engelsberg Ironworks is one of the superb preserved sites where higher quality iron was produced in the 17th and 18th centuries. Travelers to Sweden on World Heritage Sites also stop over Skogskyrko Garden, Stockholm Cemetery; The Visby Hanseatic City, the past residence of Vikings and Warberg radio station in Grimeton, southern Sweden.

The most beautiful national parks in the world

National parks are one of the top adventures.

Yellow stone:
Yellowstone National Park is 3500 square miles, a desert area of ​​hot volcanic hotspot. The park is distributed in parts of Montana. It boasts dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, hot springs and sparkling geysers, including its most famous. It is also home to hundreds of animal species, wolves, bison, elk and antelopes.

Grand Canyon:
The Grand Canyon National Park is home to much of the vast Grand Canyon, with its layered red rock strips revealing millions of years of environmental history. Views include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station and Lookout Studio.

Yosemite National Park is at the foot of California in Sierra Nevada. It is famous for its giant, ancient sequoias, and its view of the tunnel, the iconic view of the Bridalveil high depression and the granite rocks of El Capitan and Half Dome. In Yosemite Village there are shops, restaurants, lodging, Yosemite Museum and Ansel Adams Gallery.

Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of Africa's largest assets. Its high thickness of wildlife includes the Big 5: lions, rhinos, elephants and buffaloes. Other mammals make their home here, as do various bird species such as vultures, eagles and storks. Mountains and tropical forests are part of the countryside.

Torres del Paine:
Torres del Pine National Park in the Patagonia area of ​​Chile is famous for its rising mountains, bright blue icebergs cut by glaciers and golden pampas (grasslands) that house rare wildlife such as llama-like guanaco. One of its largest emblematic sites is the 3 granite towers from which the park bears its name and peaks called Cuernos del Paine.

Serengeti National Park is famous for its huge annual wildebeest and zebra migration. In search of a new meadow, the mafiots move north from their backgrounds in the grassy southern plains. Many pass through the marshy western corridor of the Grumeti River. Others turn northeast toward the Lobo Hills, home to the Black Eagles. Black rhinos live on the granite outcrops of Moru Kopies.

Fiordland National Park is in the southwest of South Zealand. It is known for its precarious sounds carved out of the glacier. The Milford Beach Sand Trail offers views of the towering Miter Peak. Attached, the colorful Earl Mountains are reflected in the smooth surface of the mirror lakes. On the Cleddau River, the passage of the precipice passes over bridges overlooking powerful waterfalls.

Zion National Park is a nature reserve from Southeastern Utah, famous for the steep red cliffs of Zion. Zion Canyon Scenic Drive scrawled through its main stretch leading to forest trails along the Virgo River. The river flows to the Emerald Pools, which have waterfalls and a submerged garden. Along the river, partly through deep gulfs, a hike with Nareuse is made.

The Lakes National Park is 295 square kilometers and is a forest reserve in central Croatia. It is recognized for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, combined by waterfalls that extend into the limestone canyon. Footpaths and footpaths splash around and through the water, and an electric boat connects the 12 upper and 4 small lakes. The later is the site of the Great Slap, a 78-meter high waterfall.

The 1583-square-kilometer-long Glacier National Park is wildlife in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, with peaks and valleys carved from a glacier reaching the Canadian border. He goes through the mountain. Among an additional 700 miles of climbing trails, it has a route to the attractive Hidden Lake. It has backpacking, cycling and camping activities. A variety of wildlife ranges from mountain goats to grizzly bears.

Cheap flights from Bangalore to Delhi

In India, air travel is one of the most preferred options, especially when it comes to traveling between major urban centers. And this is not without reason. Flight travel saves time and energy and guarantees trouble-free travel. The capital income of the Indians is increasing and therefore they do not find air travel for invaluable luxury. In addition, many airlines offer low cost travel between all major cities in India.

Bangalore and Delhi are two of the most important cities in India. Thousands of passengers fly between destinations for several different reasons. Delhi is the capital of India, while Bangalore serves as the country's main information and cultural center. Air travel is the most convenient and cost-effective alternative to overcrowded train travel when approaching Bangalore from Delhi. There are numerous choices of cheap flights from Delhi to Bangalore for travelers. Take a look at some popular ones.

SpiceJet: this private airline is one of the most preferred budget travelers options between Delhi and Bangalore. However, it serves as an important service provider for most major airports in India. The company uses a competitive airline strategy and is therefore a good option for those looking for affordable flight options. There are 5 SpiceJet flights that operate daily from Delhi Airport to Bangalore. The first SG 501 leaves at 6:55 in the morning and takes about 3 hours to reach the destination. The last SG509 flies from Delhi at 20:40 and lands in Bangalore at 23:25 midnight.

Air India: the national public airline Air India has 5 flights operating to Bangalore, two of which are daily. The airline is one of India's favorite local flight service providers. And this popularity lies behind the fact that it provides good services at competitive prices. Passengers are offered quality meals and modern entertainment at affordable prices. You can book Air India flights from Bangalore to Delhi online 24X7. Air India's daily flights from New Delhi Airport are AI 803 (at 06:15) and AI 504 (at 20:10).

Indigo: this independent carrier based in Mumbai offers cheap flight services to almost all major cities in India. The airline is recognized for its competitive fare structure and convenient flight times and frequencies. Easy-to-use 24-hour online booking allows travelers to book their tickets from homes or offices. Indigo has 5 flights from Delhi to Bangalore daily. However, it also offers flight services on alternate days. The time of Indigo's first flight departing Delhi is 07:10 in the morning. It takes exactly three hours to reach your destination. The last one leaves at 20:30 in the night. You can choose one that fits your schedule.

As for backup flights, whether it is Goa flights or Bangalore to Delhi flights, a well-known travel agent is the best option.