The Mitsubishi Positioning Institute (MRI) and the Osaka-based railroad company are spending local currency for central use as a tourist destination in Japan’s popular Mia district.

MRI tests established by MTSubishi Group companies in 1970 said on Wednesday that it would use a blockchain called Kintsu Shimakaz Moneta and would only be available from November 11 through January 31 of the following year.

This is the fourth division created by the two companies as they work to perfect the technology and develop relevant processes, procedures and services.

The experiment is a very limited test and will take place in the Jesse-Shim area, a peninsula known for its beaches, seafood, pearls and national gardens. Only 15 factories in the region will receive coins, including Spain’s Shima Village, Miyako Resort Shima Baside Balcony, Kashikoyima Espana Cruz and the Makunda Art Museum.

While the sign will only be temporary for pilots, Kinchu hopes he will eventually issue a permanent cryptocurrency to cross his train lines, according to the Nike News.

In order to use cryptocurrency, users must download the Japanese Kintetsu Shimakaze Coin program.


They can pay a lump of 1,000 yen, pay a 10 percent premium for a total of 100,000 yen. Coins can be distributed among participants. At the end of the trial period, the currency will resign and cannot be used.

The Kintetsu Group, a local MRI affiliate, is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and stores transportation assets in the target area of ​​the program including lines. MRI is responsible for the release and management of toxins.

For the past two years Keynes and MRI have been collaborating on local currencies. The first Kintetsu Harukas Coin social experiment was conducted in September and October 2017 to test the use of the payment system with blockchain technology.

The second Kintetsu Harukas Coin social experiment was conducted in October and December 2018 in Osaka to test QR code technology and personal transfers. Mitsubishi UFJ, Banking Group and Omron Company participated. In February 2019, two local currency companies tried around Osaka Omachi Station.

Beautiful Barcelona – Easy Guide

The beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia (province of Spain), is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and borders two rivers. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after its capital city Madrid. Barcelona has a population of 1.5 million, over 4 million, including the suburbs. The diverse, history-rich history of the town dates from 4,000 years to the first settlements of ancient farmers. Later it became a Roman colony, the capital of Wizigoth, and then came under the rule of Mauritania. It went through sieges, destruction and occupation, finally becoming an autonomous democracy in 1975. The city has always played an important role in the political and cultural life of Spain and is well reflected in the diversity and quality of historic buildings, museums and many other tourist attractions. attractions. Today, Barcelona is one of the most diverse European cities with a unique culture and rich traditions. Here you can find a great balance between traditional things and avant-garde. The cosmopolitan metropolis of Barcelona offers visitors a heartfelt and heartfelt welcome, recognized globally as one of the top travel companies in Europe. The organization of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 ensured the regeneration of this dynamic city, gave a fresh start to its infrastructure development.


INTERESTS – La Rambla is a pedestrian boulevard of trees full of bookers, living statues, mimes and traveling merchants selling everything from lottery tickets to jewelry. Sidewalk cafes and booths selling crafts, street performers surrounded by curious spectators, a noisy bird market, Palau de la Virina, the 18th-century Rococo Grand Estates, Grand Theater del Liseu, the famous 19th-century opera house – it's all colored pieces of La Rambla mosaic; La Rambla ends at the towering Colum Monument (Columbus Monument) and the harbor.

Barry Gothic – Also known as the Gothic Quarter, this is the old part of town. Picasso lived and worked at Barry Gothic from 1895 to 1904, and Joan Miro was born and lived here during his youth. The Gothic Quarter, located on the right side of La Rambla, contains a concentration of medieval high Gothic buildings (14-15th centuries) on narrow cobblestone streets and is now home to much of the city's nightlife.

La Sagrada Familia – La Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona's most famous and magnificent landmarks. The life-size work of Barcelona's renowned architect Antoni Gaudi, the magnificent spies of the unfinished cathedral are boldly printed across the sky with swollen outlines inspired by the holy mountain of Montserrat. There are four towers above each facade, 12 in total, which are dedicated to the apostles. The tower in the center, the tallest of them all at 170 m, is dedicated to Jesus Christ. There are towers of the four evangelicals around them, and the tower above the apse is dedicated to the Virgin. They are encrusted with a knit of sculptures that seem to breathe life into the stone. Gaudi died in 1926 before his master's work was completed and since then controversies have steadily guided the construction program. Nevertheless, the southwestern (passionate) facade is almost complete and the ship, started in 1978, is progressing.

La Pedrera – Casa Mila (Mila House) is a residential building, the latest example of Gaudi's civic architecture. This is one of the finest and most ambitious creations, extremely innovative in its functional, constructive and ornamental aspects. Visitors can circumnavigate the building and climb onto the rooftop from where they can see incredible views of Barcelona. One floor under the roof is a modest museum dedicated to Gaudi's work.
Montjuic – the largest open space in the city, its main attractions are the Olympic installations, the Spanish village and the hilltop fortress. Montjuic, a hill overlooking the city center of the southwest, has been home to several art galleries, recreation attractions, calming parks and a core group of 1992 Olympic venues. Montjuic is covered in ornamental water gardens and is Barcelona's most popular destination on Sunday.

Tibidabo – is the highest hill in the wooded chain that forms the backdrop to Barcelona. It has stunning views of all of Barcelona, ​​a stunning cathedral and Parc d & Atraccions family fun park with old rides offering breathtaking views. A glass elevator in the park goes 115 meters (383 feet) to visitors'. Torre de Collserola Telecommunication Tower Watch Area.

Modernism – grandiose modernist architectural creations scattered throughout the city by the famous Anthony Gaudi and his contemporaries.

Camp Nou – home of FC Barcelona, ​​one of Europe's leading football teams, with a capacity of almost 100,000 spectators.

Seu Cathedral – Built in the Middle Ages on the site of a Roman temple, La Seu is one of the largest Gothic buildings in Spain.

Parc de la Ciutadella – Barcelona's favorite park and Sunday afternoon rebellion for family, friends and ducks

Sardana – a traditional Catalan dance performed outside the cathedral and at national festivals, all encouraged to participate.

MUSEUMS – The Barbier-Müller Museum of Pre-Columbian Art – the only museum in Europe dedicated exclusively to pre-Columbian cultures. Set in a Gothic palace, its collection is one of the finest of its kind and gives visitors an idea of ​​the rich world of the earliest cultures on the American continent. This small museum contains one hundred pieces, including sculptures of wood and stone, ceramics, tapestries, jade, common in international exhibitions and prestigious publications. The exhibits represented the civilizations Olmek, Maya, Aztec, Chavin, Mochika and Inka.

Palau de la Musica Catalana – one of the most unusual music halls in the world, it is a landmark of Barcelona. From its polychrome ceramic ticket windows on the Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt side to its upper busts of Palestrina, Bach, Beethoven and Wagner, Palau is Barcelona's leading modernist architecture.

Museu Picasso – is the most visited museum in Barcelona. 3,500 exhibits make up the permanent collection. Picasso spent several years (1901-06) in Barcelona and this collection is particularly strong in his early work. Shows include children's sketches, photos of beautiful Rose and Blue periods and famous Cubist variations from Velasquez's 1950s Las Meninas (Ladies in Waiting).

Gaudi Casa-Museu – Gaudi lived in this pink house in Alice in Wonderland from 1906 to 1926, which now houses a museum of furniture designed by Gaudi, decorations, drawings and portraits and busts of the architect.
Fundacio Miro – It was a gift from the famous artist Joan Miro for his hometown. The museum opened in 1975 and is now one of the most exciting showcases of contemporary art in Barcelona.

BEACHES – One of Barcelona's biggest attractions is undoubtedly its beautiful beaches. In addition to the world-famous Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, which are an hour's drive from Barcelona, ​​there are several nice beaches over 4 km long in the city limits, here are just a few of them: Nova Ikaria – Closest to the harbor for the Olympics, always crowded, this wide sand of rough golden sand is great for people looking for food. There are three perfect beach bars and two very popular seafront restaurants (Mango and Chiringuito de Moncho), and countless bars and restaurants are just a short stroll away. Bogatell- This beach is twice as long as the one adjacent to Nova Ikaria and is surrounded by a section of stone path, ideal for jogging, roller skating and cycling. Three large informal seafront restaurants. Mar Bella (Metro Ciutadella Vila Olimpica, plus 20 minutes walk) – the only naturist beach in Barcelona near a tranquil park – suitable for picnicking or siesta under the trees. Barcelona – wide and long, traditional and popular area with locals, crowded, noisy and very cheerful.

WHEN TO USE, FAMILY: The best times to visit Barcelona are late spring and early fall, when the weather is still comfortably warm, around 21-25 ° C. Summertime is usually hot and humid, with average temperatures + 30 (+ 86 Fahrenheit). Especially avoid the "dead" month of August, when many shops, bars and restaurants close for the month as many locals head out of town. Winters are cool with average daily temperatures around +12 C (+59 Fahrenheit), sometimes rainy.

GETTING HERE AND BACK: By direct flight to Barcelona, ​​via Madrid or through any major European city from almost every major airport in the world. The highest rates are from May to September, the lowest in March-April, October-November and December to February (excluding Christmas and New Year, when prices are increased). Also note that flying on weekends can increase the price of your ticket. If you are traveling to Barcelona from within Europe, you can also choose a train, bus or car, though they take a lot longer by plane and often work less cheaply. Many Mediterranean cruises include Barcelona as a port of call.

ACCOMMODATION: We can offer you a wide choice. You can choose your Barcelona vacation rentals starting from $ 125 USD for a double room in a 4 star hotel. Or you can choose $ 65 USD hotels for a double room in a 3 star hotel. The prices for the nights do not change much throughout the year due to the constant year-round flow of visitors to this extremely popular tourist town and the surrounding resorts.

Eating: In addition to restaurants, you can eat at bars where you will have a range of tapas (small snacks – three or four pieces of fish, meat or vegetables or salad, which are traditionally served free of charge) or rations (larger). The bar option can be a lot more interesting, allowing you to make circles and sample local specialties. Overall, the average cost of a meal consisting of two dishes and dessert will reach about 25 euros. Travelers with an extremely limited budget can cope well by using the excellent markets, bakeries and delis, and filling sandwiches and snacks. Decent restaurants and cafes are easy to find throughout the city, though you will probably eat most of your dining out where you make the most of your sights, in the old town, especially around La Rambla and Barry Gothic. Search for the best and authentic seafood restaurants in Barcelona, ​​Seafront. The Gothic Quarter is home to some of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in the city. Grace is a very popular area for young people over the weekend, leading in terms of exotic restaurants (Lebanese, Egyptian, Thai, etc.).

TRANSPORT: Barcelona has an excellent transport system including the metro (subway), buses, trains and a network of cones and cableways. You can find the link for transport cards at the end of our guide. In urban public transport, you can buy one ticket each time you drive, but even for a few days it is cheaper to buy a discount ticket bar. T-10 targets are valid for ten separate journeys on the subway, buses and trains. These tickets can be used by more than one person at a time. The subway is the fastest way to get around Barcelona. For black and yellow taxis there is a minimum fee of 2 euros. You will obviously have a lot more freedom if you rent a car. Major roads throughout the city as a whole are good and traffic is generally well maintained, although Spain has one of the highest traffic accidents in Europe. In addition, there are some of the continent's lowest fuel prices.

SHOP: Barcelona, ​​one of the most stylish cities in Europe, offers great shopping, from designer clothes and accessories to household items. You will find the city quite cheap for many items, especially if you match the annual sales (rebaixes in Spanish), which last from mid-January to late February and throughout July and August. The best shopping areas in Barcelona are the old streets near the top of Ramblas. Souvenirs include ceramics that are widely sold on the streets around the cathedral; leather products; urban delicacies, especially boiled Catalan meats and sausages; porron (the long shiny glass drinking glass); CDs and cassettes of Catalan rock and pop, sardine music, Spanish rock or flamenco. If you are looking for original gift ideas, some of the best hunting can be found in the shops of any of the city museums, where you will find reasonable prices and unique examples of Catalan strife (graphics) and other original items ranging from postal cards to replicas of works of art.

We wish you a pleasant and safe trip!

Circus Circus Vs Excalibur – Which is Better for You?

If you are planning on going to Vegas and looking for a place that may be family-friendly (where there are children), you will probably be thinking of booking a Circus or Excalibur, hoping that your kids will win. I don't hate you forever because you are dragged them to an adult-oriented place. This page will also discuss the pros and cons of these 2 Vegas resorts for adult-only visitors.

First, I have to emphasize that Las Vegas (and in particular all major resorts and casinos) is not the place I would take my kids (for reasons ranging from heavy smoke everywhere, to high levels of alcohol, i.e. related & bad behavior). However, if you really need to take your children there, then you will probably want to offer them something they will also enjoy. Therefore, of course, the budget resorts Circus Circus and Excalibur will be on the list. But … What is best for your family?

With respect to & # 39; things have to do with & # 39; for kids, Circus Circus has the best setting, thanks to its huge Adventuredome: here you have a wide range of walks that cater to all ages, from young children to teens; more complex rides are a lot of fun for adults too, and I have to admit, I would have been there all day if it wasn't for my partner who literally had to drag me. Even if you decide not to stay at Circus Circus, if you have children, you will probably want to bring them there for a fun day: they will thank you for that.

However: their pool is small and certainly does not offer a range of rides that would be ideal for children; the rooms are very clean, although I couldn't describe them as comfortable & # 39; (the mattresses were too hard); casino is depressing & # 39; in my opinion, though, to be fair, since Circus Circus is aimed at families, they may have decided that casino would not be a key factor.

Despite the Disneyesque, the appearance of Excalibur is not really suitable for children. Yes, they have a basement where children and families can find games to play together, but they certainly can't even match the great Circus Circus Adventuredome. I view Excalibur as a mediocre compromise for those looking for budget accommodation with something for children in a slightly better place than Circus & # 39; Circus. The downside, however, is their huge pool area, with a large enough section for children, with children's water slides (which can be used by adults, of course).

The rooms and corridors in Escalibur can hardly be described & # 39;: everyone smokes (well, there are non-smoker floors on the floors, mostly drunk, and wherever you go, you can smell and smoke as much as you smoke and try not to). If you do not mind your children breathing smoke, then Excalibur is worth considering by families. However, keep in mind that it is extremely noisy, with half naked girls dancing at several tables in a casino with extremely loud music and filled with drunken middle-aged men who are cheap; we were surrounded by them on the non-smoking floor & # 39; (filled with smoke).

The main positive, however, is that the Excalibur casino is undoubtedly much more fun than the Circus Circus; children are not allowed on the casino floors, but if you manage to pick up a babysitter while you want to play nearby, this casino will provide better entertainment.

Top 10 Places to Visit for Winter Vacation

Winter holidays come in many forms in Europe. There is heavy snow in the Arctic North and no sunny week, with the sun floating in the soft Mediterranean, and the cozy coffee culture and Christmas spirit in the middle. This is an inspiring time to visit great metropolises and charming villages: with fewer queues, you can fit more into your itinerary, and low-cost off-season accommodations make your portfolio-friendly trip. Through Europe's rail network, you can explore the countries in your spare time, getting to know the locals who do their day-to-day business away from the busy summer tourist season.

1. Rovaniemi, Finland

The handful of Christmas cliches characterize Rovaniemi, Santa's "official" residence. Every man's favorite beard hangs in an Arctic Circle atmospheric grotto and is free to visit (but the pictures are another story). Snow and deer provide a festive spirit, while the Arcticum Museum gives an idea of ​​life across these latitudes. This is a nice place for a winter vacation

Tip: Finnish thermometers have more numbers below 0 ° C than above, so wear serious winter clothing.

2. Christmas Markets, Germany and Austria

In December, these romantic historic markets appear throughout Germany and other countries in Central Europe. Expect sweet stalls selling everything from gingerbread to sleigh bells and lots of joy, toasting with a glass of glühwein.

Tip: Famous markets in Cologne, Vienna and Munich attract tourist crowds, but finding smaller cities is helpful.

3. Abisko, Sweden

Upstairs in Northern Europe by train, Abisko in Lapland is for winter lovers. The sun does not rise for several weeks in December and January, but this darkness makes it one of the best places in the world to see the majestic northern lights. Other attractions include a cross-country ski trail and husky mice.

Tip: Stop in Kiruna and see the famous Icehotel.

4. Athens, Greece

A true downer is trying to make Photoshop 500 people from his Parthenon photo to be rewarded, but this winter is no problem. All the stress of summer – crowding, tourist prices, intense heat, queues, air pollution – disappear more or less. This is the right time to explore the country's ancient heritage and learn about the local culture.

Tip: In any case, do some island jumping, but most accommodations close during the winter break.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

For the winter of European fairytale, it's hard to beat the home of Hans Christian Andersen. Forget about the exaggerated little mermaid and head to the cozy bars and cafes of the city to see the snow flutter outside. In the heart of the city, Nineteenth-Century Tivoli Amusement Park is a romantic and playful delight around Christmas, with touching illuminations and glittering cups that warm the body.

Tip: Get out for food in Noma, considered by many to be the best restaurant in the world (reservations can be completed quickly, so try to book a few months in advance)

6. Budapest, Hungary

A pair of skates by hand, frozen in the breath of frozen air – no better place for this than the picturesque central park of the Hungarian capital Varosligeti Mujegpalya, with its huge outdoor track. Do you feel cold afterwards? Budapest is known for its rich thermal baths.

Tip: Look for “bar ruins” at night – an artificial atmospheric beverage spot created in a once abandoned building.

7. Jasna, Slovakia

Slovakia offers high quality skiing at affordable prices. The premises and food are reasonable, and some of the snowy alpine runs lack friendliness. The best resort in Slovakia is clear, with long descents surrounded by snowy spruce trees located in the rugged Tatra Mountains.

Tip: Direct flights to Slovakia can be expensive, so don't make it an entry point to Europe.

8. Andalusia, Spain

Parts of Andalusia are further south of the African coast, so there is a mild temperature in winter. Accommodation is cheap and crowds are smaller in such prominent places as the Alhambra in Granada or the Cathedral in Seville. In addition, tapas and urban nightlife are just as attractive.

Tip: Go to Sierra Nevada near Granada if you want action-packed sports.

9. Transylvania, Romania

You can't visit Dracula's lair on a sunny day with lambs heard in the fields, can you? Try steel gray skies, bare trees and a handful of snow. Brasov and Sighisoara, two hours by rail, are magnificent medieval cities with different connections to Vlad Tepes, the historic Dracula, although it is doubtful that you have set foot in his so-called castle.

Tip: Bram Stoker has never visited Romania, so don't expect many parallels with the book or movies.

10. Venice, Italy

Ghostly beautiful and somehow strange, Carnevale from Venice in February is a European high point. The elaborate costumes and the fearsome masks liven up the colorful history of the city canal. Hidden dancing is expensive, but you can have a ball while enjoying free events with a mask bought on the street, but be prepared for an epic cluster.

Tip: Book your accommodation in advance. The day you board and leave the train will greatly reduce the cost of your winter vacation.

These are the top 10 best places to visit for a winter vacation. Try them out.

Nepal – a paradise for travelers, now is the time to visit

Nepal is a beautiful country and a cheap place to visit. With so many deals from some of the oldest temples in the world, hiking in the Himalayas, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, biking or just walking around the lakes. Now is the best time to visit before tourism conquers the country.

Unplanned between Tibet, China and India, Nepal is a country with its own culture and offerings. People are a diverse combination of native hill tribes, such as the Sherpas, Tibet refugees and migrants from India. Once upon a time, Buddhism was the dominant religion and left some of the best temples in the world. Hinduism is already the main religion that has led to the incredible reuse of temples and religious sites, as well as in one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world.

Despite recent political issues, Nepal is a friendly tourist destination. English is spoken everywhere where tourism is present. The people are friendly and helpful. Cost is cheap and tourist services are good. There are few real roads in Nepal, but good bus service covers the inequalities of the countries. There are also flights between large settlements.

Since 1996, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has waged a people's war against the Nepalese state in the hills of Nepal. They want Nepal to be a consolidated Communist Republic, not the existing constitutional Hindu monarchy. Although their ideals are likely to lead to a better Nepal, their methods of torture, extortion and extortion have caused turmoil in the country and destroyed its tourism. However, the Maoist people were never targeted at tourists and few visitors had any problem.

Over the last few years, tourism has started to pick up speed, especially around areas such as Kathmandu and Pohara. The downturn has led to greatly reduced prices throughout the country.
Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is a hurried place but home to some of the oldest and finest temples in the world. Durbar Square in Kathmandu and the nearby town of Patan are full of palaces and temples. Kathmandu has the oldest Pagodas in the world, and all of Asia is made with these original designs. The stupas (temples) of Swayambhunath and Bodnath are probably the most famous images of Nepal. Beautiful, grand whitewashed buildings, tower-covered with all seeing Buddha eyes.

Pokhara is the second city of Nepal, at least in terms of tourism. The great lake of Phewa Tal, surrounded by beautiful green mountains, is an idyllic place to spend a few days or the rest of your visa! As if this is not enough, the mighty Mountains of Fish Tail is located in the range of the Himalayas, which is impossible to lose in this region. Pokhara offers so much, with some of the best hiking trails in Nepal, cycling, paragliding, some of the best rafting and kayaking worlds on different rivers, different temples, incredible views and beautiful lake to spend your time spilling around . It may be a ridiculous 8-hour bus ride from Kathmandu, but it's definitely worth it.

Chitwan National Park, south of Kathmandu, is an incredible national park. Now well managed, providing major problems with animal breeding, but also managing forests and the surrounding area properly. In particular, tigers, elephants and freshwater dolphins make Chitwan a great experience for visitors.

Nepal is home not only to Mount Everest, but also to 8 of the world's 10 highest peaks. Nepal is considered the best hiking destination, with endless routes throughout the country ranging from 1 hour to 28 days. Everest Track Base Camp offers some of the best views of the highest peaks in the world. But if a two-week hike is not your thing, then take the bus to Nagarkot village. From here you can see Mount Everest, though it is not much more than a point in the distance, as are some of the other highest peaks in the world.

Vacation in Las Vegas – tips, tricks and precautions

These "warnings," "tips," and "tricks" are offered to help you make your own Vacation in Las Vegas enjoyable, fast and easy to plan. Whether it's your first trip to Las Vegas Fairytale or a veteran, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Travel Tips for Las Vegas: First and foremost, the biggest mistake many Las Vegas travelers make when planning a trip is to book the cheapest airline / hotel ticket available everywhere. They are available anywhere from your native newspaper to TV ads, especially email. Watch out!

Why? A Cheap vacation in Las Vegas good, we agree! BUT, did you know almost everyone Hotels in Las Vegas do you have 2- 3 room quality levels (or options)? Now we mean even a lot of five-star, "big", many of them are just ordinary non-standard rooms, maybe with a nice view of the air conditioning system! (It actually happened to me personally, and was it strong!)

Things like older bed mattresses, no safes, old decor, long walks to the casino, restraints, shows or even a taxi. Did you know that one of the rooms is running single-rail trains? How about an amusement park right outside your window? And much more. Just remember that the "cheapest" is just that. Ask at the reception desk exactly where your room is, look at it before you enter, if possible.

We are not just aiming for high-dollar rooms here, just get the best quality room your budget will allow, you will be very happy.

Why book your hotel first? In Las Vegas, an average of 94% is booked throughout the year, so plan ahead (at least 30+ days is recommended) to get the exact days you want, where you want, the room quality you want. Plus, it's usually cheaper to book well in advance. Did you know that Sunday to Thursday is cheaper? When you get the one you choose Las Vegas Hotel booked, then you can book a flight to meet the days in and out to fit your schedule.

Does it make sense?

Once you get yours Las Vegas Hotel reserved first , Then you can book Las Vegas shows that you want when you want. Be sure to check if your choice of show is "dark" on the days you choose. Holidays are a good example of dark days.

Then book yours Tour in Las Vegas , (If you have never experienced this trembling on a Ride helicopter overnight over "Glitter Gulch and downtown," or a day trip over Boulder and Grand Canyon dams it's something you'll never forget!) It's not as expensive as you might think! Check out our tour links for prices and times.

This is the entertainment capital of the World, so allow yourself plenty of time to grab as many attractions as possible (dozens are free), this will make yours Vacation in Las Vegas much more memorable. If possible, book an extra night's stay just to get a special Las Vegas tour or a day at Las Vegas Golf.

Las Vegas Gambling Tips:

Gambling is the life of Las Vegas. You really didn't think these billion-dollar hotels were built by "winners"? Set a daily budget for gambling and stick to it! You I do have a good chance of winning. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Hand Pay Jackpots are paid every day. Be careful though, these chips, tokens and entry / ticket look too much like "play money" they they are not they are your real money! Stick to your budget! Did I say it already?

Get a "player card" wherever you go and use it, or if you're a "table player", ask the pit boss to "rank" or "rate" you. They will track your game and accordingly compile you with all kinds of free stuff. Like food, rooms, clothes, limos, gift shops and even cash. They really help to work out the odds in your favor.

It seems like my "budget" is always too small, but try your best to set a reasonable daily goal and stick to it, don't get into tomorrow's budget! You just might go big winner! It happens every day. Remember the phrase, "Go when you go!"

It's not my place to preach, but here are some helpful tips from Las Vegas to process your money. All that casino money you see everywhere attracts some pretty shady characters (read Crooks!) Security is great, but there are always a few and you just need one to ruin a perfect vacation.

Las Vegas Security:

Ladies, bring or buy a small bag with a neck strap or bag, or packaged bag, something that is comfortable enough to hold on your face all the time. Never place your bag on the floor or next to a machine or a chair next to you. It's a magnet for thieves! Keep this strap around your neck.

Most thieves work in pairs, one to distract you, the other to tighten your bag. Only a few types of distractions they use are: one will drop a coin or a dollar bill or two near you on the floor and ask you "is that your money on the floor?" While others grab your stuff or too talkative "players" sit down next to you and rattle to get your attention while your partner catches things or pushes the pay button and moves away with your ticket. Trust me. That happens They are very smooth and fast so just be informed ,

When you accumulate several tickets won, hide them in your wallet or purse until you are ready to redeem them, and then collect the money. Remember the top of the walk?

Men: It is not degrading to carry a waste bag. Well, if you just don't want to, then fold your bills and keep them in the pocket of your front pants. If they "pocket" your wallet with all your credit cards in it, at least you'll have your money or vice versa, just keep them separate. And, look at those tickets.

If you hit a good sized jackpot, take the cash in the safe in your room or bring it to the hotel desk for storage. Or ask for a security escort to your room or car. They are happy to provide this service. Don't walk around the casino or the streets with a big bundle of money!

The security of all hotels and casinos is excellent. With all these thousands of cameras (Eyes in the Sky) every inch of the casino is recorded continuously. (Did you know that Nevada law requires casinos to have this level of security?) This is for your protection as well as your hotel / casino.

Now, please understand, we're not trying to scare you here, we're just driving you informed ! It's really easy to get caught up in all the flashing lights, noise, overhead, people watching and normal casino distractions. Just don't let them spoil your fun.

Follow these Las Vegas travel tips and they will make your Las Vegas vacation a lifelong memory.

This article may be fully reprinted for use, but should include this link to


Introduction to luggage

Luggage is an important component of any trip, whether inland or abroad. The type, size and style of luggage you carry varies depending on the mode of travel and the length of travel. Many brands of luggage, bags and backpacks are available. You can choose one that meets your requirements.

When choosing your luggage, you must choose a kit that is durable. Frequent travelers should keep this in mind when choosing their luggage. Don't try to buy cheap luggage for your travels; you will end up spending more on your luggage.

Always try to buy luggage that has wheels. Wheels will make it easier to walk to the airport, bus terminal or train station. Take good luggage if you are a frequent traveler. The luggage material must be durable enough so that it does not tear if it is trapped in the conveyor belt. The luggage is made of polyester with a 600 day den, 1000 den of Cordura or ballistic nylon. These materials can withstand the difficult handling of luggage. The higher the sensor, the stronger the luggage.

Different airlines have different standards regarding the weight of luggage that is allowed on board their carriers. You must check the maximum weight before registering. Wheeled backpacks are the best luggage as they can be used as hand luggage or hand luggage. A single bag or briefcase is allowed for airlines as carry-on luggage. Backpack wheels help you pull your luggage when you transfer to other flights; you can avoid carrying luggage. Your luggage tags need to be updated with your information. Some people may not even remove old tag information. Never leave your luggage unattended and check your luggage as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Ubon Ratchathani – retirement Haven

When planning your retirement, you should consider retirement in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

Why should Ubon Ratchathani be included in a list of places to enjoy your day off? This is a foreign country. Native language is Thai. It is far from your home country.

Many people, when approaching retirement age, are faced with the realization that they need to adjust their lifestyles. Retirement benefits are often much less than during their working lives. Where do you make the cuts?

Ubon Ratchathani is the largest province in Thailand in terms of land mass. It is located in the northeastern region and borders the Mekong and Laos rivers to the east and Cambodia to the south.

One of the highlights of building a new home here is the cost of living. It is easy to maintain an excellent quality of life for a fraction of what it will cost in Western countries in Europe, Scandinavia and North America. You can provide quality accommodation, including all utilities, for less than you pay the bank for car payments. You can enjoy three meals a day of delicious Thai food for less than one meal at home. Medical care is surprisingly accessible at one of the four major hospitals in Ubon.

You can easily travel to Ubon Ratchathani by plane, train, bus or private car. The city benefits from its multiple schedules each day with three main modes of transport. Buses and trains originate and terminate between Bangkok and Ubon, but there are ways to make inland connections. Buses can take you around Ubon as well as around Thailand.

There is a small but growing community of Western expatriates who call Ubon home. You can meet others to chat with. If you want to get a taste of your home country, there are shops and stores to get the ingredients you need.

If you like to travel, you will find that it is quite cheap and convenient to get around Thailand from Ubon. You can stroll along the beaches of Phuket or Samui for a fraction of what you would pay for Hawaii or Florida. Take a trip north to the culture of Lana and the mountains of Chiang Mai.

From Ubon you can be in Laos, enjoying a step back in time or heading south to Cambodia to visit the magnificent magnificence of Angkor Wat. The journey to these places is only a few short hours. If you want to visit friends and family at home, this is a one-hour flight to Bangkok to make your connection.

Living in a foreign country has requirements that never come to mind when you are at home. The local immigration office is just a 45-minute drive from Ubon. All foreign embassies are by train, bus or plane to Bangkok.

Retirement is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You should seriously consider Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand as an option to maintain or even enhance your quality of life.

Elderly Travel Groups – How to Organize Your Own Elderly Vacation Group

Travel groups for seniors are helpful for new travelers or seniors with past vacation experiences. There is a time in most older people's lives when they will need to book a hotel, a flight, or arrange a vacation cruise.

You may be used to traveling with other groups, or you may even want to try your hand at organizing a vacation group. There are so many benefits to organizing groups. In this article, we will provide you with useful information on setting up travel groups for the elderly.

Elderly travel groups – Putting your operation into action

Where do you start creating vacation groups for seniors? If you have no previous experience, you may want to partner with a local travel agency in your area.
With their support and professional support, you will have the tools and knowledge to start rounding up interested senior citizens for your first trip.

You should always compare the best overall discounts with the type of services and amenities travel agencies can offer. Cheap holidays are great, but you can't always compare low prices with quality service. You want to make your group happy, and you also want your members to be the first to sign up for the next trip.

Some seniors are not aware that the person who organizes these tours can get very low prices and can sometimes get free vacations if they enroll enough people in their group. I hope this is a sufficient incentive to create your own travel groups for seniors.

You can designate yourself as a chaperone and group leader. You will have many responsibilities, but you can also reap financial rewards and discounts.

The size of your travel group usually determines the size of your discounts and the places you can visit once you reach your destination. You won't find so many adults ready to cough up their savings for a luxury vacation. However, you will be able to raise enough adults if they can compare prices and see how much of a deal you are providing for the group.

After you have organized several tour groups for the elderly with a travel agency, you may be ready to kick it off and start your own tours without the help of an agency. You can build valuable contacts during each trip. You may be able to find a cheaper guide or hotels and you may be able to shave a few more bucks by contacting business owners at each travel destination.

What started as a single project can easily turn into a part-time business for you if you enjoy traveling and being a coordinator.

The modern senior traveler requires more personalized travel and access to the travel industry. Personal guided tours, provided by trusted people, can offer a unique insight into new destinations around the world. You can become a travel expert by carefully planning and providing a unique experience for other seniors.

Elderly travel groups – Conclusion

Everyone should carefully program their holidays. Good planning is challenging, but it can help to provide an extremely enjoyable experience for most seniors. Your final destination may be someone's guess.

Try organizing several adult travel groups today for an enjoyable experience.

City Shibu, Philippines – Good, Bad, and Terrible

For the first time, a visitor to Cebu City may be excluded from some of the city's attractions. There are several world-class resorts, hotels, beaches and diving sites in the city. In addition, poverty is devastating in some areas of the world. Cebu City is the capital of Cebu province and is the second largest city in the Philippines after Manila. I always feel at home in the city and lived in the city before building my home in the rural province of Cebu in the Camoti Islands. City Shibu is a mixture of old and new, rich and poor, good and bad and nice and ugly. There is also a mixture of clean and really dirty or dirty. The rule for anyone who goes to Cebu for the first time is not to make a quick judgment.

My first trip to Cebu City was in February 2004. I went to the Philippines to meet a girl (Judith), now my wife. I flew to Cebu-Mactan Airport and was greeted by Judith and one of the sisters here. My flight started in Florida and the last leg of the flight was from Hong Kong. Cebu International Airport is only slightly outdated, but very functional. Once at the airport gate, I saw waves of people waiting to meet people coming off flights from Hong Kong. The airport was not so busy when I arrived and I think my plane was the only one arriving at that time. As the people on my flight strolled in front of the airport door, they were bombarded with a shuttle, fees and congratulatory rentals, all trying to get a fare. I met Judith right outside the airport door. She, her sister and I jumped into an old Kia Taxi and headed to my hotel.

The taxi was old and not very well maintained. The air conditioner is not working and the window will not lower. Of course, it didn't matter since I couldn't close the door because the door cover was broken. So, I have a lot of air. The hotel was about 30 minutes drive from the airport. As we walked through the streets of the city, I saw crowded sidewalks made even more crowded by the many sidewalk and street vendors. Some of the roads we traveled were moderately maintained, while others were in very poor condition. The roads were crowded with many types of cars, but mostly Kia and Hyundais. There were also many jeeps, a Filipino traditional method of travel. The jeepney looks like a stretched army jeep with a solid top and a large cargo area used for two benches for seating passengers. Jeeps are usually painted in several different colors and very chrome. Many jeeps are poorly maintained and most have bald tires and the braking system may be doubtful. There were also very small motorcycles.

After traveling for just a few minutes, I decided that the most dangerous vehicle in Cebu was the Jeepney, Taxi and finally the motorcycle. Jeep drivers tend to drive and stop on both sides of the road to pick up or drop off passengers. I saw many jeeps cut off both lanes of traffic to drop people off, then I saw others quickly deviate away from the road, interrupting traffic so that the driver could jump off the jeeps to urinate along the side of the road. Taxis are no better, but they are a bit less of a threat since the vehicles are smaller than jeeps. Motorcycles appear to be a danger only to the driver and passengers of motorcycles and to anyone walking on the road or on the sidewalk. Motorcycles make their own traffic lanes on whatever little shoulder the road has to offer or sometimes drive along the painted dividing line as a narrow roadway to make extra traffic lanes for themselves. Another time I saw motorcycles descend on sidewalks, crowded around pedestrians. Yet the pedestrians seemed a little concerned about negligence and just continued on their way.

As we continued on our way to the hotel, we went through many different areas of the city. Some areas were very old and the buildings looked as though they were ready for demolition years ago. Many store buildings and facades are concrete with plywood or corrugated steel sheets added to broken windows and steel bars cover the window or plywood. I can't imagine how much the cost of steel bars would cost, because the buildings were so bad. I was sure the content in it was no better. I noticed several fronts of small shops with one large open widow covered with chicken wire. These small shops are about the size of a small closet and there are dozens of these small shops on each street. They are called sari-sari shops and sell only very few items such as canned fish, rice, snacks, cigarettes, etc. Most of these small shops are attached to the front of private houses and are roughly constructed of unpainted plywood and tin roofs. Most Sari-sari shops block the sidewalk, forcing people to walk on the road to bypass the protruding box of plywood. Other Sari-sari stores have small tables or tables on narrow sidewalks for their customers who buy rum, and a karaoke machine helps block the sidewalks.

In many of the old areas, sidewalks are filled with vendors, tents, or some other type of shelter that sells goods. The sidewalks belong to the sellers, and the pedestrian is left to find his own way around the ugly obstacles. These small sidewalk shops are blocking the storefronts and I still wonder why the shopkeepers allow the shopkeepers to block their stores. Old neighborhood streets and sidewalks in most areas are dirty. Garbage is all over the streets, chickens are tied to utility poles or street signs, as are dogs. Many of the old homes along the city's commercial streets may or may not have running water and sewer. Many people use the streets and sidewalks as their bathroom and even the sidewalk bathroom. The infrastructure of the old neighborhoods is almost non-existent. There is poor drainage, poor sewage systems and electrical pipes hanging low to the ground with hundreds of wires attached casually to a steep pole. I often wonder how trucks do it under these wires without hitting the wire. In many cases, larger trucks really hit the wires and kill power to much of the city.

The only thing that stood out to me as we passed all these areas in the taxi was the people who all seemed happy. Despite what I saw as great poverty and dire living conditions, these people or at least many people were happy. Although most of the people I saw were running down the sidewalks, walking around in their daily routine. I thought these people did the same thing as other people in every major city in the world. Still, my first visit to Cebu City opened my eyes to the fact that at least the city was affected by poverty or had a large population living in poverty.

After about 30 minutes of taxiing we found ourselves in a much nicer area of ​​the city and there, as an oasis amidst all the poverty, was this beautiful hotel and a large modern shopping center next to it, as well as several large modern well-maintained high-rise buildings. The scene was a big difference to the old parts of the city. This area can be found in any modern city in the US and looks a lot like the commercial area of ​​a US city. The area is called Ayala Business Park and Ayala Mall. This is modern Cebu City and is everything you would find in any modern city.

Once at the hotel, Marriott, I checked out a very nice room and we all went to the dining room for a nice lunch. Shortly after, we just Judith and I, as her sister, went home. Then Judith took me through the park to Ayala Mall, just a five-minute walk away and once inside the mall I was amazed. The stores were the same as in the US, Ace Hardware, Levi, MacDonald & s and so on. Plus, there are several Filipino department stores and many different types of restaurants and cafes. All store staff spoke English and most Filipinos who went through the shops spoke English. Others used a mix of English and their native Cebuano. All signboards in the store are written in English and restaurant menus are written in English. In many ways, I felt like I was just traveling 20 plus hours from Florida to be in a city in the US.

Although there were many other foreigners in the mall, many Filipinos were walking around asking where I was from, and overall they were all very friendly to me. While at the mall I bought some souvenir items to take home, and Judith and I did a lot of window shopping. I was happy to see that the prices of most things in stores were very cheap compared to the US. At that time, one US dollar bought 56.00 pesos. Today, it's a dollar to about 44.00 pesos. It's still a good deal, but today I'm careful about my expenses. By mid-afternoon, I was ready for a little sleep after my long flight to Cebu. Judith got home, and I retired to my hotel room.

The next morning Judith was at the hotel bright and early and had breakfast at the hotel, after which we went to see the city and some of the beach resorts. Cebu has wonderful and beautiful resorts and all very accessible. The resorts are well maintained and modern. The largest population of resort clients is foreigners and Filipino staff. I'm quickly changing my mind about the city from a poor third world to a modern commercial and tourist city with a few old areas that need a lot of help.

During my trip to Cebu, we entered the old Colon area. Colon is the oldest street in the country and has several attractions. However, Colon is a dirty area of ​​very old and poorly maintained buildings. Prostitution is a major problem in the large intestine as well as street crime. There are some great markets and great bargains to be found in Colon, but not an area for the new tourist to wander alone. Hotels can be offered for a really cheap price in Colon. Some only $ 20.00 a night, but these hotels cater to those who take girls off the street, and the girls and rooms are really dirty. Last year Judith and I stayed at two different hotels in Colon. We entered the city for our monthly shopping from the Camotes Islands. We decided to try the hotels as they are cheap and close to many of the foreign markets. I would never stay at any of these hotels again. The best words to describe them are old, dirty, rat-infested and full of prostitutes. Both hotels seem to cater to lonely foreign men and any girls that men can find at Colon's bars or on the streets. The area has several small bikini bars with bar girls (prostitutes), also called GRO. Unless you are looking for a prostitute, there is little reason to go to Colon after dark and even then one has to be very careful. This is not to say that all of Colon is bad. There are some nice shops and restaurants in Colon. I like to shop in the Colon area, but one has to be careful in Colon.

During my first visit, I saw most areas of Cebu and felt safe at all times. Of course, we didn't get into the old parts of town after dark. Rather, we were in the resorts or around Ayala Park and these are all very safe and enjoyable areas. I would recommend Cebu City to anyone who wants to go to a great resort and spend time on a beautiful beach, dive, take a boat trip from the outer islands and not spend a lot of money. There are just so many things to do in Cebu City and so many great things to watch. A stay at one of the resorts is very affordable for only about $ 60.00 per night, with some reaching $ 250.00. Dinner at restaurants is also very cheap. Food at nice restaurants can only cost $ 10.00 to $ 20.00 for two people, I had a wonderful time on my first visit. However, I did have Judith for my guide and my girlfriend. I'm not sure I would have liked Cebu City as much as I did if Judith wasn't with me on my first trip.

Shortly after my first visit to Cebu City, I moved from Florida to Cebu City in 2004. At that point, Judith and I were engaged to get married and wanted to live in the Camotes Islands. However, we decided to live in the city while looking for land to build a house in Camotes. The Camotes Islands are a rural province of Cebu and only two hours from the city by boat. We rented a brand new two bedroom house in Cebu City's Lahug area. The monthly rent was only $ 125.00 plus our TV cable for about $ 15.00 a month. The house was on a hill overlooking the city and close to everything needed. Lahug is a very nice area and now there are many new housing units being built in the area. Our monthly budget while living in Lahug was approximately $ 700.00 and included rent, utilities, food, taxis and even many dinners at restaurants and entertainment. I guess if we were still living in Lahug, the budget would only be a few dollars a month.

Just a few weeks after moving to Lahug's house, I felt like Cebu was my city and I really enjoyed the life of the city. The city has a lot to offer the foreigner and the city is always trying to attract more foreign retirees. It really is a foreign (expelled) friendly city. The largest group of foreigners in Cebu are Koreans, followed by Americans, Australians, Britons and Japanese. There is no racial tension or problems in the city, which I am aware of and the city is very safe. However, like any major city in the world, there is crime, but if common precautions and precautions are used, one can have a happy life in Cebu City. Driving in the city is something I've never tried and I don't think I'll ever drive in the city. Taxis can get you almost anywhere in the city for $ 1.00 to $ 2.00 and that's good for me.

Shopping in the city is great and there are products from around the world in Filipino stores. Many grocery stores stock Western brands, so you never get your favorite home food from home. Outside markets throughout the city offer great bargains and it's always fun to negotiate prices with suppliers. The city offers cable TV and offers many US broadcasts and news programs. You can go to the movies and see a new movie for about $ 1.00, and popcorn is only a few pennies. The city has been growing since I moved to the Philippines. There are many new housing units that cater to foreign buyers, new high-rise buildings and resorts continue to attract foreigners. The two main malls in the city, Ayala and SM are expanding. Many of the roads have been upgraded, as has the infrastructure in many areas. The city is the main attraction of tourism and is always trying to attract more tourists and more foreign retirees.

Each expat on a monthly pension of about $ 1,000.00 can live like a king in Cebu City. You can live on less than $ 1000.00, but I think $ 1000.00 is the right figure if you include saving every month for emergencies, home trips, and medical needs. The city has many good hospitals and medical expenses are much less in the Philippines. Good dental care at very reasonable prices is also available in the Philippines. Many people go to Cebu for medical or dental vacations. Just remember that if you think you want to move to Cebu City, do your homework. Do you want to live in a new country? do you want to part with your family and grandchildren? if you are married, how does it feel for your wife to live in Cebu? If you have young children, do you want them to live in a new country and what about their education? Do you have the patience and understanding to learn and live in a new culture? Do you have money to live a good life in Cebu without having to find a job? Do you have enough money to cover any type of emergency that may require five to ten thousand dollars? Finally, what is your reason for wanting to live in a new country? If you can be honest with yourself and have a positive answer to the above questions, then maybe Cebu City is for you?

Remember, too, that the Philippine economy is struggling. Filipinos with four and six-year colleges drive taxis or work as clerks at the store. Unemployment in the country is across the roof. Poverty is a major problem in the country. With all the beauty of the Philippines, poverty continues to plague many Filipinos and their futures, creating an ugly face on an otherwise beautiful country. Just this week on November 8, 2007, an 11-year-old girl in Manila living with her mother, father and little brother in a gorgeous city hanged herself. The reason left in the girl's note was because of the poverty her family lived in. The father can't find a job for months, and the mother only works for $ 1.00 a day. Малкото момиче имаше точно преди нощта да поиска от баща си P200.00 за училищен проект. Бащата нямаше парите, малко под $ 4,00. Всичко, което момичето искаше, беше да завърши училище и да си купи нов мотор. Проста мечта, сложна от тежка бедност в страна, бореща се за преодоляване на политическата корупция и кражби. Моля, не забравяйте, че това, което може да прекарате само за един ден във Филипините, е това, на което един филипинец може да трябва да живее един месец. Бедността наистина отнема живота.

Наистина обичам моя начин на живот във Филипините, но отне малко време, търпение, разбиране и няколко жертви, за да живея във Филипините. Направих няколко грешки, преди да дойда тук и няколко, откакто живея тук. Нямах достатъчно пари, когато дойдох тук през 2004 г. Направих няколко пътувания обратно до Флорида, за да свърша някои договорни работи и след това се върнах на любимите си острови Камотес. В момента съм далеч от дома си по договор за преподаване. За мен обаче си струва цената да имам само няколко месеца в годината в моя рай, наречен острови Камотес, Себу, Филипини. Мисля, че всеки, който търси страхотна ваканция, ще се наслади на Себу Сити. Тези, които искат да се пенсионират на скромна пенсия, могат да живеят добре тук, но просто бъдете сигурни, че животът в нова държава е точно за вас. Преди да вземете решение да се преместите тук, разумно е първо да дойдете на почивка и да видите града сами. Тогава можете да решите дали това е животът, който искате. Още веднъж за мен това е рай.

How to Save Money When Visiting Hong Kong |

If you are traveling to Hong Kong for business or leisure, you'll need to know ways to save money to get around the city without costing an arm and a leg. This handy guide will show you how to save money when you visit Hong Kong on your next trip.

Airbus instead of Airport Express
When you arrive in Hong Kong from your long flight, you will want to take Airbus instead of Airport Express or taxi. Although Airport Express is convenient and has many luggage handling staff to assist you, Airbus is a much cheaper way to travel from the airport to the city.

A taxi will get you about $ 300 from the airport to the city. Airport Express will cost you anywhere from $ 60 to $ 100 each time and Airbus costs around $ 30 to $ 45. It may take you a little longer to get there, but you can definitely save money with Airbus.

Map of the octopus

The Octopus Card is a prepaid recharge card that is your ticket for all Hong Kong public transit. Because the transportation system in Hong Kong is so sophisticated, you have earned it a little and it will save you a lot of money going around Hong Kong.

When you swipe your Octopus card, the price of the item is automatically deducted from your available balance. Not only is it convenient, you will also get a discount on everything with your Octopus card, so it is wise to receive your card as soon as you arrive. You can even use it in convenience stores and fast food chains like McDonalds.

An Octopus card costs $ 150 for a $ 100 value and a $ 50 refund deposit. You can also get refunds that are not used on the card, so you never have to worry about finishing an extra once your visit is over.

Sightseeing for only $ 2

Take the two-story trams in the city for a nice slow ride through Hong Kong's city streets. This is one of the best ways to see the city on a budget.

Find a cheap hotel in Hong Kong

Finding a cheap hotel in Hong Kong can be challenging, but with International Harbor View International House you get a reasonable price for a room overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbor. It is perfectly located, close to the metro, convention center and close to the ferry.


A 10% tip is usually added to most services such as restaurants and hotels, so don't leave full advice in these cases. Remember to check how many grants have already been added to your account before leaving any additional tips. An additional 5% is assessed in addition to the prize already awarded.


If you are looking for authentic Hong Kong stores and still get some deals, Kowloon is the place to be. But beware! These open markets are known for being sold to tourists and can sometimes be overkill. Be a discriminating buyer to get the best deals. Speak as much as you can, as some items can be reduced by up to 50%.

There are many ways to save money when you visit Hong Kong – you just need to know where to look. Open your eyes, compare prices and follow some of these tips for saving money on Hong Kong savings.