Comprehensive travel guide for Douala Cameron Africa!

Douala is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. It is the capital of Cameron and the commercial capital of the country where Cameron is known as "Africa in miniature" because of its geological and cultural diversity. It has the largest port in the country. People come here for tourism as well as for commerce. Douala handles most of the country's exports. Flights to Douala are frequent. There are places for sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.

Sights in Douala: Douala is located along the Wuri River near the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, this coastline provides a perfect place for tourists to visit. Here you can enjoy photography, water sports, a boat or just sightseeing. This view adds to the beauty of the city. Still, it's not the only thing you can enjoy there, but a small community museum with traditional artifacts, a maritime museum and a Manga bell pagoda will welcome you once you're in town. To see this attractive landmark, you need to book flights to Douala from the UK if you want to fly from Europe with a reliable travel company such as Flights to Douala. The Mile Six area has nice beaches with black sand to attract visitors.

Douala Shopping: Douala is home to the country's colorful market; Eco market. It is also the largest market in the country. It is the most popular market in the country, incorporating a wide variety of goods. After your flights to Douala, a visit to the Eko market is a must. Douala is a major exporter of aluminum products, beer, soft drinks, textiles and wood processing and cocoa beans. Most of the country's major exports, such as butter, cocoa and coffee, as well as the Chad trade, take place here.

Douala Nightlife: Douala Nightlife has something like; Jazz, blues, African, R and B, dance, drink, eat and whatever you need to spend a good night. People are kind, kind and friendly to visitors who enter the city by making flights to Douala Cameron. Aqua Central is the center of nightlife in Douala. It has bars, pubs and nightclubs to celebrate your night. Akwa music is just out of class. Another place to enjoy Douala nightlife will also be to attend after taking cheap flights to Douala, including; Broadway, Senate, Club, Mega Slots and St. John Pierre.

Douala International Airport: Flights to Douala are served by Douala International Airport. Friendly services, new cars, long and short term parking, ATMs, low prices, duty free shops are easy to access. A number of airlines and travel companies work there. For example, cheap flights to Douala from the United Kingdom can be booked with Travel Company