Goa: Lustful and hearty!

Holidays in Goa provide endless memories to look out for in the future. There are charming beaches where you can enjoy the perfect mix of sea, sand and surf. There are magnificent colonial structures that proclaim with breathtaking architectural grandeur. There are great flea markets for enjoyable shopping and a number of restaurants and hotels to satiate your taste buds. And so on.

In fact, Goa has almost everything that tourists find interesting. Most often a tour of Goa begins on its beaches, which have a genuine charm. The swinging palms, the excitement of the water waves, the warm golden sand and the abundance of modern luxury make Goa's beaches ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Some of the beaches in Goa are among the top Asian beaches and are thrown by thousands of travelers throughout the year.

Obligatory visit to attractions

Goa is truly one that portrays the whole heart and the larger of life. The beautiful beaches of Calangute, Baga and Anjouna have always been a must-visit list of attractions. In addition, the breathtaking scenic neighborhoods of Goa make the perfect vacation for nature lovers and romantic couples. When in Goa, take a tour of the capital city of Panaji and Old Goa, the best architectural features of the country. Magnificent churches such as the Bom Jesus Basilica and the Se Cathedral, the mammoth Aguda Fortress and the beautiful Cape Palace paint hordes of visitors inclined to culture and history. Goa also has several museums worth exploring.

Goa has three wildlife sanctuaries that offer a lot for nature lovers. Ghostly nature, exotic flora and fauna and interesting animal shows – these sanctuaries give your visitors an unforgettable experience.

Goa Navigation

It's easy to get to Goa from the capital Panayji. The city is a great base from which to explore all of Goa's landmarks, being central and well maintained with shuttle facilities. However, to know and love Goa, you have to choose a walk or a ride. Renting a motorcycle is a good option, especially coming with friends. You can also use an excellent bus network or hire car services available nationwide.

Goa has an international airport in Debolim that has flights from all major cities around the world. Flights from Delhi to Goa remain in high demand as a large number of tourists visit the country from the northern hills and plains.

Extravaganza Shopping:

You can shop until you enter Goa. The state offers many opportunities, including glittering shopping malls, traditional flea markets and street shops to meet shopping needs for both visitors and locals alike. Wednesday The flea market at Anjouna Beach attracts a large number of tourists who love shopping and dining. An outdoor market, it has stalls selling local artifacts, fruits and vegetables, handmade pots and pans, and a variety of clothing at reasonable prices. Shehnaz Shopping Center in Panaji, Shopping Goa Cenetr in Vasco, Acron Arcade in Candolim and Caculo Mall in Panaji are other great shopping opportunities in the country.

In addition, you'll surely enjoy Goa's nightlife and great dining and cheesecake selections. The best time to visit here is winter, from October to March.