Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, the largest street festival on Earth!

Calle Ocho is the largest Latin American festival in the nation, as well as the largest street festival on earth. Each year, this street fair fills 23 blocks in Little Havana, Miami with Latin music, street performers and international food. Flights to Miami to attend this event are equally popular with all types of visitors, as its attractions are designed to appeal to both young and old. The Miami Carnival hosts the Kivanis Club in Little Havana, which hosts this and 9 other events each year, including; Dominoes Tournament, Evening of Leniency, Classic Golf, Cooking Contest, Poster Reception, Carnival of the Mile and Miss Carnival of Miami. More than a million viewers, both locals and flight attendants in the US, gather to celebrate the city's biggest annual party. The Calle Ocho Festival takes its name from Calle Ocho Street, the venue.

This mega event is held annually in February and early March. This year, the festival began on February 26 and ended on Sunday, March 14. A large number of foreigners are taking flights to Miami with flights from Miami to the United Kingdom to join this most interesting traditional festival in the US. Calle Ocho is known for his music played by local and international artists. This festival started in 1978 and gained popularity so quickly that in 1998 it was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest Congo line. huge variety of food is another attraction at this festival, many tourists take cheap flights to Miami to hundreds of international food pavilions lining the road north and south of SW 8th Street.

This event brings together the best recording artists and bands from the world of Spanish entertainment. These artists perform dozens of music scenes and dance performances. These artists entertain visitors by wearing their dance shoes and switching to the rhythm of salsa, merengue and more. Tourists take flights to Miami from the UK and other parts of the world to join in these spring celebrations. Visitors can also enjoy a live painting contest by local artists, creating the official & # 39; Welcome to Calle Ocho. It is undoubtedly a wonderful experience to come to Calle Ocho to dance, try food and meet people from all over the world. The children are also welcomed here with entertaining music activities, free games and an area for children with wizards, clowns, face painting and wizards.