Visit to Cancun on the Cheap

With its whitish beaches and azure waters, Cancun's Mexican paradise balances the tranquility of the beach with fun and fabulous nightlife, including clubs like Coco Bongo and My Place.

When you are not lying or dancing, you can swim with dolphins, dive into the deep sea and snorkel – or golf, shop, ride horses, and drink in ancient Mayan archeological sites.

In October 2006, Hurricane Wilma devastated many areas of the peninsula. But since then, aid has come in from all over the world and many areas of the city have been restored. In some cases, they have been upgraded to higher quality hotels and wider beaches.

Best times to travel

The hurricane season begins in September, so choose cancellation insurance when you book flights during that time.

You might also consider planning a vacation in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter months, since peak and hotel rates are usually less overpriced. Look for mid-week deals, which are generally the most significant from Tuesday to Thursday. You can save a lot by shopping around for travel packages and airline discounts. Make sure you tell your travel agent about your budget and what types of attractions and experiences are most important to you. If you are not working with a travel agent, follow the major online travel sites to get the best deals. Here is a website that compiles and publishes updated coupon codes from Travelocity, Expedia, and

Keep your eyes and ears open for deals on the following popular hotels, in particular:

– Le Blanc Spa and Resort

– Royal sands

– JW Marriot Cancun Resort & Spa

“Ritz-Carlton Cancun

– Hilton Cancun Golf & Spa Resort

– The Marriot CasaMagna Cancun Resort

– Cancun Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

– Riu Las Americas Palace

“A royal islander

– Rio Cancun

Surrounding attractions

There are so many things to do in the Cancun area that you can afford to be selective. Plan ahead for day trips and leave early before the sun gets too hot and the crowds go out in bulk.

Here are some popular attractions in the area that you will want to explore:

– Chichen Itza – Ancient archaeological structures of the Maya

– MayaVenture – Treasure Maze

“Plaza de Toros – the bull that runs the bulls every Wednesday afternoon

– Cenotes – Deep, water-filled channels in limestone

– Isla Mujeres – a small and charming island 8 miles from baby from Cancun

– Playa del Carmen – A small resort town about 40 minutes south of Cancun by car

– Xcaret EcoPark and Sian Ka & biosphere along the Riviera Maya

– Xel-Ha – An archeological site and eco park located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

– Tulum – Best known for its Mayan ruins. Tulum is also the starting point for many ecotourism and adventure trips.

Other considerations for traveling to Cancun

If your main goal is to visit Cancun the cheapest way, the best advice is to find accommodations outside the "hotel zone", which is located smack-dab in the middle of the city. There is a lot to do there and many great places to visit, but hotel and restaurant prices can get pretty steep downtown.

Here's a list of the items you'll want to pack for your Cancun vacation:

– Clothes: A few pairs of comfortable shorts, t-shirts, dresses, dress, sweater, light jacket or socks, socks, underwear, sandals, tennis shoes, nylon dirt bag

– First aid: painkillers, eye drops, medications and prescriptions needed, dressings, neck pillow

– Protection: Sunglasses, goggles and / or contact lenses, a canopy or a baseball cap, umbrella or poncho

– Snacks: Peanuts, crackers and / or potato chips, chewing gum, candy and a bottle of water

– Equipment: camera, extra movie, batteries, portable compact headset player, favorite book

– Documentation: valid passport, driver's license and / or birth certificate, emergency contact information, money and / or traveler's checks, computerized airline ticket confirmation. (Be sure to write the name of your destination hotel inside and outside the luggage and remember to have an adequate lock on each piece of luggage.)

Here's a helpful webpage with more checklists for things to do before, during and after you leave:

Holidays in Cancun should not be expensive, because it does not cost much to stay at the beach, swim, backpack, picnic, take photos, walk the beaches and streets and just sit still and enjoy the sights and city ​​sounds and surfing.