Ubon Ratchathani – retirement Haven

When planning your retirement, you should consider retirement in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

Why should Ubon Ratchathani be included in a list of places to enjoy your day off? This is a foreign country. Native language is Thai. It is far from your home country.

Many people, when approaching retirement age, are faced with the realization that they need to adjust their lifestyles. Retirement benefits are often much less than during their working lives. Where do you make the cuts?

Ubon Ratchathani is the largest province in Thailand in terms of land mass. It is located in the northeastern region and borders the Mekong and Laos rivers to the east and Cambodia to the south.

One of the highlights of building a new home here is the cost of living. It is easy to maintain an excellent quality of life for a fraction of what it will cost in Western countries in Europe, Scandinavia and North America. You can provide quality accommodation, including all utilities, for less than you pay the bank for car payments. You can enjoy three meals a day of delicious Thai food for less than one meal at home. Medical care is surprisingly accessible at one of the four major hospitals in Ubon.

You can easily travel to Ubon Ratchathani by plane, train, bus or private car. The city benefits from its multiple schedules each day with three main modes of transport. Buses and trains originate and terminate between Bangkok and Ubon, but there are ways to make inland connections. Buses can take you around Ubon as well as around Thailand.

There is a small but growing community of Western expatriates who call Ubon home. You can meet others to chat with. If you want to get a taste of your home country, there are shops and stores to get the ingredients you need.

If you like to travel, you will find that it is quite cheap and convenient to get around Thailand from Ubon. You can stroll along the beaches of Phuket or Samui for a fraction of what you would pay for Hawaii or Florida. Take a trip north to the culture of Lana and the mountains of Chiang Mai.

From Ubon you can be in Laos, enjoying a step back in time or heading south to Cambodia to visit the magnificent magnificence of Angkor Wat. The journey to these places is only a few short hours. If you want to visit friends and family at home, this is a one-hour flight to Bangkok to make your connection.

Living in a foreign country has requirements that never come to mind when you are at home. The local immigration office is just a 45-minute drive from Ubon. All foreign embassies are by train, bus or plane to Bangkok.

Retirement is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You should seriously consider Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand as an option to maintain or even enhance your quality of life.